Beloved by the Imperial CEO

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Legend has it that Ninth Duke Xian was unparalleled in martial arts, and he possessed a handsome visage resembled Pan An (the most handsome man in ancient China). It is said that Ninth Duke Xian was born to be a talented and erudite star shinning in the world.
But we are only talking about legend now! A conflagration consumed his stunningly attractive appearance, deprived him of his legs and even the talented woman who was engaged to him was swapped by someone else secretly.
Ye Liuli, the pathetic replacement, was waiting to marry him as his Duchess.
She clawed her way to the graduation from Medical University, and was suffering an internship with enjoyment. However, who could know that when she fell from the building only for saving a suicidal patient, she went through time-travelling and replaced her sister to marry the disabled Duke.
On the wedding night, others would have a wonderful and unforgettable night with their lovers, but she experienced only frights.
Never mind, it was never too late for a man to take revenge even after 10 years. Those perpetrators who set her up or harmed her, she would never let them go, and she pledged to revenge on them on by one!


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